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At our company, we are committed to sourcing and delivering the freshest and highest quality seafood products to our customers. Our core values revolve around sustainability, integrity, and excellence. We prioritize environmentally responsible practices, ensuring that our sourcing methods support the health of our oceans and marine ecosystems. Integrity is paramount in every aspect of our operations, from transparent communication with our suppliers to honest dealings with our customers. We strive for excellence in every detail, from the meticulous selection of seafood to prompt and reliable delivery services. With a dedication to these values, we aim to be a trusted partner in providing premium seafood options that meet the highest standards of taste, nutrition, and sustainability.


Diverse Foods From
All Over The World

Our products come from Canada, the United States, South America, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, including frozen, fresh and dry foods.

Frozen Products

Black Tiger Shrimps, Southern American White Shrimps, Sweet Arctic Shrimps, squid, arctic surf clam, snow crab, flounder, scallop, clam, basa fillet, pollock, chicken, spring roll, dumpling.

Fresh Products

salmon, tuna, oyster, lobster, scallop, fish, mussel.

Other Products

soy sauce, vinegar, tempular powder, laver, vegetable oil, MSG, rice, oyster oil, spicy sauce, chopsticks.

Sushi Department

salmon, tuna, ginger, vinegar, sushi rice, fish roe, seaweed salad, arctic surf clam, oil fish, sushi shrimp, crabstick.


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We work with a range of partners who, like us, are passionate about building a sustainable future.

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Is What we strive to accomplish

We are dedicated to providing you with premium quality food products. Our team of sales professionals and customer service representatives is readily available to address any inquiries you may have. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on ensuring swift and punctual delivery services.

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